YO-J1 with torch 30W portable party speaker


Honk series YO-J10 speaker with TWS function


25W music pro series YO-J12 party speaker


25W music pro series YO-J12 party speaker


Model Name YO-J-12
Colour Black
Play Time 6 Hrs.
Connectivity Technology Wireless
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25W music pro series YO-J12 party speaker

25W Music Pro Series Introducing the exuberant 25W Music Pro Series YO-J12 Party Speaker – a symphony of auditory excellence meticulously crafted for aficionados yearning for an unparalleled sonic journey, transcending spatial and temporal boundaries! This avant-garde portable auditory marvel is not merely a vessel for musical notes; it metamorphoses into a holistic entertainment entity, a sonic wizardry that propels your revelries to echelons hitherto unexplored.

Forge a wireless symphony with the YO-J12 as it seamlessly intertwines with the rhythmic heartbeat of your cherished devices – be it the cerebral hum of computers, the sleek pulse of mobile phones, or the rhythmic cadence of MP3 players. Bluetooth interlaces these devices, choreographing a dance of sound that permeates the airwaves. Embrace a cornucopia of auditory delights with compatibility for storage devices, TF cards, and a gamut of mainstream audio formats (MP3/WMA/WAV), rendering your playlist a kaleidoscopic tapestry of musical expression.

Embodied with the vitality of a high-performance lithium battery, the YO-J12 orchestrates beats that echo through the temporal fabric, prolonging the auditory journey into the abyss. USB power charging ensures a perpetual energy reservoir, an elixir that keeps your auditory odyssey in perpetual motion. Navigate the auditory cosmos with the finesse of a maestro, courtesy of user-friendly control buttons, a tactile symphony where volume, tracks, and playback modes waltz at your command.

Experience the YO-J12’s multifaceted prowess with a Karaoke mic input, USB/TF card portals, V5.0 wireless connectivity, and AUX inputs, affording a cornucopia of portals to interlink with a pantheon of multimedia audio conduits. The ethereal Hi-Fi stereo sound quality unfolds a melodic tapestry, each note a crystal-clear chime that elevates auditory perception to celestial heights.

Yet, the YO-J12 is not confined to auditory rhapsody alone; it metamorphoses your gathering into a kaleidoscopic celebration with integrated DJ lights. Revel in a luminous spectacle that pirouettes in synchrony with your auditory cadence, an exuberant dance of photons that engulfs your environment in a vibrant luminosity.

Balancing might with nimbleness, the YO-J12, a featherweight juggernaut, accompanies you effortlessly, an amiable sojourner for picnics, beach escapades, or spontaneous rendezvous. Whether ensconced in the cocoon of interiors or basking in the vast expanse of nature, the AC/DC chargeable attribute ensures the symphony never grinds to a halt.

Unshackle the latent potential of your auditory odyssey with the TWS (True Wireless Stereo) function, an alchemy that links two YO-J12 symphonic entities, birthing an auditory tapestry that transcends spatial constraints, enveloping you in an immersive cocoon of sound.

Elevate any occasion to the pantheon of unforgettable jubilation with the 25W Music Pro Series YO-J12 Party Speaker – where auditory opulence converges with unparalleled versatility and panache, etching a melodic saga on the canvas of your celebrations.

Technical Details

Colors ‎Black
Model ‎Yoroto
Model Name ‎Yoroto-J-12
Product Dimensions 28*19*21 cm
Item model number YO-J-12
Compatible Devices ‎Mobile
Special Features ‎SD card
Mounting Hardware ‎Speaker 1 unit Charging cable 1 unit User manual 1 unit
Number of items ‎1
Speaker Surround Sound Channel Configuration ‎Mono
Speakers Maximum Output Power 25W
Speaker amplification type ‎Active
Speaker connectivity ‎Bluetooth, USB, AUX, Micro SD
Output Power 25W
Lights DJ Lights
Battery Average Life ‎7 Hours
Charging Time 3 Hours
Playing Time ‎6~7H
Charging Voltage DC 5V
Audio input Bluetooth/TF Card/U Disk
Batteries Included ‎Yes
Batteries Required ‎No
Effective Distance ‎10M
Total USB ports ‎1
Connector Type ‎Bluetooth
Material ‎Plastic
Mounting Type ‎Table Top
Imported By Soroo The Future Technology
Item Weight ‎1278g


http://25W music pro series YO-J12 party speaker

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 28 × 19 × 21 cm


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