Fast Data Transfer DT-03v8 type B

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Dt-03V8 type B data cable

DT-01 Type C Data cable

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80watt fast charging  and sync cable

Model  no -DT-01

fast Data transfer rate

Cable length 1000mm

Cable type C

Output  8.0AMP

Guarantee 1year

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Soroo’ Qualcomm supportable cable DT-01 charger

Soroo Micro data cable : Introducing the paradigm-shifting Super Fast Type C  Data Cable DT-01 symphony of cutting-edge marvels converging seamlessly to redefine your charging narrative. This cable transcends the ordinary, not only delivering on the promise of security guarantees but standing tall as an epitome of current stability and durability, crafting an unparalleled charging odyssey.

Embark on a Journey of Features:

Fortified Security Assurance: Nestle into the embrace of tranquility as our Super Fast Type C Data Cable DT-01 stands guard over your device, adorned with advanced security features that cloak your charging and data transfer rituals in an impenetrable shield.

Pinnacle of Current Stability: Plunge into the abyss of stable and reliable charging currents, where the DT-01 orchestrates a symphony of power flow, ensuring a consistent and efficient energy exchange with your device.

Indestructible Wire Prowess: Forge through the crucible of daily wear and tear with the unyielding toughness of DT-01’s wire architecture, an embodiment of longevity and resilience, emerging as your steadfast charging confidant.

Guardian of Battery Sanctity: Envelop your device’s battery in a protective embrace, as our cable unveils features tailored to preserve battery health, charting a course for an extended lifespan for your smartphone, tablet, or any digital companion.

1000mm – The Tapestry of Flexibility: Unleash the serpentine allure of a 1000mm length, weaving through the realms of flexibility and convenience, ensuring a harmonious dance of charging and syncing sans the shackles of inconvenience.

Twist Wire Alchemy: Witness the ballet of innovation as the twist wire design graces the stage, not just as an aesthetic marvel but as a facilitator of a seamless charging and syncing extravaganza.

Braided Micro USB Poetry: Immerse yourself in the poetic resilience of the braided micro USB, a ballad of durability and tangle-free opulence, an anthem of reliability for your daily charging soirees.

Functionality Unveiled:

Velocity of Transmission Majesty: Catapult your devices into the future with confidence, riding the wave of our Super Fast Type V8 Data Cable DT-01 s high transmission speed, where power surges through in a relentless cascade.

Symbiosis of Data and Charge: Experience the technological tango of a singular cable seamlessly uniting data transmission and charging prowess, simplifying the labyrinth of your connectivity needs into an elegant waltz.

Aegis Against Interference: Bid adieu to the specter of interruptions during your charging and data transfer sagas. The DT-01 unfurls its anti-interference banner, ensuring an undisturbed and smooth user experience.

Universal Compatibility Odyssey: Traverse the cosmos of connectivity without constraints. The DT-01 extends its compatibility tendrils to any USB edition, an oasis of versatility and convenience for users traversing the diverse landscape of devices.

The Pantheon of Suitability:

– Smartphones
– Tablets
– Digital Cameras
– Gaming Devices

Additional Technical Incantations:

– USB 2.0 Compatible Port
– Data Synchronization Sorcery
– Charge Your Phone from the Lexicon of Your Computer
– Charge Your Phone from a USB Charger of Your Choosing

Embark on the pilgrimage of charging enlightenment with the Super Fast Type V8 Data Cable DT-01 – a rendezvous where innovation and reliability waltz hand in hand. Secure your ticket to connectivity transcendence. Order now and become a part of the effortlessly connected elite!


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