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Bloom light multicolor table lamp with 36 LED light


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Lantern landscape solar light in two colors

Lantern landscape solar light in two colors


Lantern landscape solar light in two colors



Model NameLandsc

ape solar light

ColourWhite and Red</td>Battery SourceRechargeable/Solar

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Lantern landscape solar light in two colors

Transform your outdoor environment with the brilliance of the Lantern Landscape Solar Light – a radiant display of eco-conscious magnificence seamlessly melding style and sustainability. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing aura of this solar-powered LED lamp, available in a duo of enchanting hues, meticulously crafted to elevate your landscape with both flair and dependable illumination.

The Radiance of Solar-Powered Ingenuity: Unleash the solar splendor embodied in our Lantern Landscape Solar Light. Embracing the prowess of advanced LED technology, it casts a luminous, enduring glow, a celestial addition to your garden, pathway, or al fresco haven.

Charging, Redefined: Indulge in the sheer simplicity of replenishing your luminary companion using the ubiquity of your Android phone’s USB cable. Revel in the ease of charging, liberating your outdoor oasis from the constraints of conventional power sources.

Eco-Enlightenment: Fueled by a verdant and ecologically rejuvenating battery, our solar LED masterpiece is a testament to diminishing your carbon footprint. Bask in the radiance of environmentally considerate lighting, as you play a part in nurturing a sustainable tomorrow.

Toggle the switch to the ON position to ignite the brilliance. When the time comes to relinquish the luminosity, a simple switch to OFF will suffice. Bask in unbroken luminescence for over four hours after a full charge, ensuring a steadfast companion for your nocturnal outdoor escapades.

Prudent Guidance for Peak Performance:

Initiate a swift recharge when the energy reservoir is depleted to maintain zenith performance. Infuse vitality into the product regularly; for sporadic use, invigorate it every two lunar cycles to extend its life force. Exercise restraint in charging duration, limiting it to a prudent 2-3 hours; surpassing this threshold may cast a shadow on the solar LED lamp’s performance. Abstain from engaging the lamp during its rejuvenation phase for safety’s sake. Shelter the luminary from the tempests of rain or the damp clutches of moisture, as their embrace may jeopardize its operational prowess.

Elevate your outdoor milieu with the Lantern Landscape Solar Light – a rendezvous of efficiency and sophistication. Craft an eco-friendly, enchanting atmosphere in your garden or outdoor haven with this versatile lighting solution. Embrace the night responsibly with the Lantern Landscape Solar Light, illuminating a path to a verdant and sustainable future.

Technical Details

Colors ‎White and Red
Model Landscape solar light
Model Name Landscape solar light
Product Dimensions 24*12.5*12.5 CM
Features LED Light
5-6 hrs Battery Backup
Green Enviromental
Light Source LED Bulb
Power Source ‎Battery Powered
Charging Time ‎1-2 Hours
Batteries Included ‎Yes
Material ‎Plastic

http://Lantern landscape solar light in two colors

Additional information

Weight 0.331 kg
Dimensions 24 × 12.5 × 12.5 cm
Landscape light

White, Red


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