PB-173 4 in 1 powerful bank with attached cable

PB-173 4 in 1 powerful bank with attached cable


PB-174 4 in 1 powerful bank with 20000mAh

PB-174 4 in 1 powerful bank with 20000mAh
PB-163 office series power bank with LCD display

PB-163 office series power bank with LCD display


PB-163 office series power bank with LCD display


Model Name PB-163
Colour Black
Capacity 3.7v/10000mAh.MAX
Display LCD Display


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PB-163 office series power bank with LCD display

PB-163 office series power bank: Embark on a journey into the electrifying realm of charging excellence with the PB-163 Powerful Bank – a technological marvel designed to liberate you from the shackles of sluggish charging and cable chaos. Bid farewell to mundane charging experiences as we introduce you to a powerhouse that transcends the ordinary – a symphony of cutting-edge features harmonized to elevate your on-the-go charging escapades.

Witness the dazzling prowess of the PB-163 as it ushers in an era of unparalleled speed with its revolutionary 3.0A fast charging technology. Brace yourself for a charging spectacle that outpaces conventional power banks by a staggering 15%, granting you the luxury of spending less temporal currency waiting and more on indulging in your passions.

Safety takes center stage in the PB-163 saga, where electric leakage protection stands as the silent guardian, ensuring your charging endeavors are enveloped in a cocoon of security and tranquility. Embrace a charging experience devoid of worry, where the convergence of power and safety is not just a promise but a relentless commitment.

Engage in a symphony of connectivity with the dual USB outputs, orchestrating a ballet of simultaneous device empowerment. Share the charge with your entourage or immerse yourself in the art of multitasking as your smartphone and tablet partake in a synchronized dance of rejuvenation – a revolutionary departure from the tedious waiting lines of conventional charging.

Behold the PB-163, a travel-ready colossus boasting a formidable 10000mAh capacity. Compact in stature yet wielding power of Herculean proportions, it becomes the ethereal companion for the nomadic soul, ensuring that your devices remain sated throughout the epic saga of your journey without succumbing to the shackles of frequent recharging.

Dive into the realms of control with the built-in LCD display – a crystal ball that unveils the remaining power with a mere glance. Cast away the shadows of low battery anxiety as you navigate through the day with the omnipotent knowledge of your charging reserves.

But wait, the PB-163 is not just a technological virtuoso; it’s a sartorial maestro too. Witness the convergence of performance and aesthetics in an elegant dance that complements your style. Its sleek contours and tasteful design redefine what it means for a power bank to be a fashion statement – an accessory that doesn’t just power your devices but elevates your entire aesthetic narrative.

Dive into the labyrinth of specifications where PB-163 reigns supreme. Model No.: PB-163, an enigma waiting to be unraveled. Inputs pulsating at DC5V-3A, channels of power flowing through Port 1 and Port 2 at DC5V-3.0A (Single Charge). A reservoir of energy boasting a Capacity: 3.7V/MAX 10000mAh, where each digit is a testament to its colossal charging prowess.

Let the crescendo of importance reverberate as we unveil the golden rules etched in the annals of the PB-163 saga:

  1. Optimal results demand the allegiance of the original charging cable accompanying your device.
  2. The velocity of charging is a dance dictated by the battery status of your cherished device.
  3. Harmonize the mah of your device with the PB-163 for a charging symphony that culminates in full majesty.
  4. Handle with a delicate touch – shun the impulses to throw, disassemble, pierce, or subject it to the elemental trials of fire, heat, or water.

Upgrade, not just your charging, but your entire experiential paradigm with the PB-163 Powerful Bank – an opulent fusion where power meets the sheer convenience of transcendence.

Technical Details

Colors ‎Black, White
Model PB-163
Model Name SOROO PB-163
Product Dimensions 18*3.5*10 CM
Features Fast charging
Electric leakage protection
Intelligent compatible
Travel Friendly
Cables 2X USB Output
Input DC5V-3A
Capacity 3.7V/10000mAh.MAX
Power Source ‎Battery Powered
Charging Time ‎2 Hours
Batteries Included ‎Yes
Material ‎Plastic


Additional information

Weight 0.257 kg
Dimensions 18 × 3 × 10 cm


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