PB-163 office series power bank with LCD display

PB-163 office series power bank with LCD display


PB-181 two in one cable power bank PD-30W

PB-181 two in one cable power bank PD-30W
PB-174 4 in 1 powerful bank with 20000mAh

PB-174 4 in 1 powerful bank with 20000mAh


PB-174 4 in 1 powerful bank with 20000mAh


Model Name PB-174
Colour Black, White
Capacity 3.7v/20000mAh.MAX
Cables 4 type of cables
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PB-174 4 in 1 powerful bank with 20000mAh

PB-174 4 in 1 power bank : Introducing the PB-174 4in 1 Potent Power Hub – an avant-garde marvel catering to your dynamic, on-the-go charging exigencies. Bid farewell to the entwined cable conundrum and usher in a realm of convenience with this paradigm-shifting power bank, an epitome of technological finesse elevating the charging experience to unprecedented heights.

Manifestations of Supremacy:

Rapid Charging Prowess: Imbued with cutting-edge technology, the PB-174 propels charging velocities to an echelon 15% beyond the pedestrian power banks. Sporting a 3.0A fast-charging acumen, your electronic cohorts shall resurrect expeditiously, obliterating downtime concerns.

Mecha-Chic Visage: Embrace the symbiosis of futurism and elegance encapsulated in the PB-174’s mecha-inspired aesthetic. This singular facade not only demarcates it from the mundane but imparts an aura of sophistication to your technological accouterments.

Cerebral Compatibility: The PB-174 orchestrates a symphony of intelligence harmoniously with diverse devices, hosting portals for micro USB, type C, and type A connections. Bid adieu to the jumble of multiple cables – this power bank is your all-encompassing emissary.

Charging Safeguard: Entrust your devices to the vigilant custodianship of the PB-174. Armed with an arsenal of comprehensive charging fortifications, it safeguards the sanctity and durability of your cherished gadgets.

Formidable Capacity: Boasting a gargantuan 20000mAh reservoir at 3.7V, the PB-174 materializes as your unwavering companion during prolonged engagements. The dual USB outputs, a duet of charging prowess, afford the luxury of concurrently fueling two devices – a panacea for multitasking mavens.

Technical Enigma:

Model Conundrum: PB-174 Input Enigma: DC5V-3A Port 1 Quandary: DC5V-3.0A (Singular Inundation) Port 2 Predicament: DC5V-3.0A (Singular Inundation) Capacity Riddle: 3.7V/20000mAh (Apex) Salient Dictums:

For the apogee of performance, enlist the native charging umbilicus bestowed with your electronic progeny. The egress of charging speed hinges on the physiognomy of your device’s vitality reservoir. Ensure parity or diminution of the device’s mAh vis-à-vis the power bank for an exhaustive replenishment. Handle judiciously: Abstain from flinging, disassembling, puncturing, or exposing to the crucible of fire, fervor, or aqueous environments.

Elevate your charging sojourn with the PB-174 4in 1 Potent Power Hub – the nexus where potency harmonizes with panache and convenience intertwines with sophistication.

Technical Details

Colors ‎Black, White
Model PB-174
Model Name SOROO PB-174
Product Dimensions 18*3.5*10 CM
Features Fast charging
Mecha style appearance
Intelligent compatible
Charging protection
Cables USB Output
Type C
Type A
Input DC5V-3A
Port 1 DC5V-3.0A (Single Charge)
Port 2 DC5V-3.0A (Single Charge)
Capacity 3.7V/20000mAh.MAX
Power Source ‎Battery Powered
Charging Time ‎2 Hours
Batteries Included ‎Yes
Material ‎Plastic


Additional information

Weight 0.462 kg
Dimensions 18 × 3.5 × 10 cm


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