The amazing power bank PB-179 with 10W fast charging

The amazing power bank PB-179 with 10W fast charging


PB-173 4 in 1 powerful bank with attached cable

PB-173 4 in 1 powerful bank with attached cable
PB-175 Office series power bank PD 30W

PB-175 Office series power bank PD 30W


PB-175 Office series power bank PD 30W


Model Name PB-175
Colour White, Black
Battery  3.7V/20000mAh
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PB-175 Office series powerbank PD 30W

PB-175 Office: Introducing the PB-175 Office Series Power Bank – a steadfast companion for your charging exigencies, whether navigating the office labyrinth, traversing distant realms, languishing in the abode, or merely ensnared in the captivating allure of your handheld apparatus. Imbued with meticulous craftsmanship and conceived for unparalleled versatility, this power reservoir emerges laden with an array of attributes to keep your vitalized, accompanying you on the odyssey through the tapestry of life.

Noteworthy Attributes:

Embodied for the Work Arena and Global Sojourns: Tailored with finesse for the denizens of the corporate sanctum and the perpetual wayfarer, the PB-175, compact and featherweight, emerges as the quintessential comrade for both the quotidian travail and the escapades of exploration.

Multifarious Charging Modalities: Featuring a 30W Power Delivery (PD) effusion, coupled with dual USB ports in harmonious tandem, compatible with a pantheon of cable dialects, from the Micro to the Type A, this omnipotent power citadel ensures simultaneous charging for a plethora of contraptions, asserting its status as a versatile panacea for your gadgetry.

Prodigious Battery Eminence: Nestling within its confines, a robust 2000mAh battery, an indomitable titan, orchestrating a symphony of energy to endow you with unfaltering power, rescuing you from the harrowing specter of battery depletion in the throes of crucial junctures.

Rapid-Charging Artistry: The PD 30W egress pledges a prompt and efficient communion with your devices, an alacrity that ensures your gadgets are primed for action when you are, reducing the temporal lacunae associated with inertness.

Primacy of Safety: Asseverating your well-being and the vitality of your contrivances, the exhortation resonates – wield the original charging umbilicus that accompanies your device. Remember, the symphony of charging velocity is orchestrated by the battery pulse of your apparatus, with the zenith efficacy of the power bank manifested when the mAh nexus aligns, equal or inferior.


Designation: PB-175 Ingress: DC5V-5A Portal 1: 30W (Solitary Inundation) Portal 2: 30W (Solitary Inundation) Magnitude: 3.7V/Maximum 2000mAh Salient Annotations:

Optimal outcomes tethered to the original umbilicus bequeathed with your apparatus. The gait of your device’s charge dance commutes with the cadence of its battery’s vital signs. Harmonize the mAh resonance, aligning the device’s energy lore equal or subordinate for the holistic baptism of charge. Handle with circumspection: Eschew the hurling, dissection, puncturing, exposure to the pyre, fervor, or aqueous realms. Persist in the continuum of powered existence, the cord of connectivity ceaselessly within grasp – wield the PB-175 Office Series Power Bank, an oasis of convenience mirroring the intricate dance of perplexity and burstiness.

Technical Details

Colors ‎Black, White
Model PB-175
Model Name SOROO PB-175
Product Dimensions 12*2.5*9 CM
Features 30W Fast charging
Double USB port
Type A
Cables 2X USB
Type C
Input DC5V-5A
Capacity 3.7V/20000mAh.MAX
Power Source ‎Battery Powered
Charging Time ‎2 Hours
Batteries Included ‎Yes
Material ‎Plastic

http://PB-175 Office series powerbank PD 30W

Additional information

Weight 0.460 kg
Dimensions 17.5 × 3.5 × 10 cm

White, Black


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