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YO-A006 Warrior LED wireless speaker


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Soroo melody wireless speaker SR-975


Soroo melody wireless speaker SR-975


Model Name SR-975
Colour BROWN
Play Time 6 Hrs.
Connectivity Technology Wireless
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Soroo Melody wireless speaker SR-975

Soroo Melody Wireless: Introducing the Soroo Melody Wireless Speaker SR-975, a fusion of cutting-edge technology and timeless elegance reminiscent of the 90’s era. Elevate your audio experience with this state-of-the-art wireless speaker that seamlessly combines style and functionality.

Key Features:

  1. TWS Synthesis: Immerse yourself in the auditory splendor of true stereo sound by seamlessly interlinking not one but two Soroo Melody SR-975 speakers, orchestrating a symphony of sonic brilliance.
  2. Extended Playtime Odyssey: Traverse the realms of non-stop auditory ecstasy as the SR-975, fortified with an extended battery life, regales you with up to 6 hours of uninterrupted auditory bliss on a solitary charge.
  3. TF Card and USB Prowess: Unshackle your musical repertoire by indulging in the convenience and versatility bestowed upon you—play your cherished tunes directly from a TF card or USB disk.
  4. Wireless Liaison: Embrace the liberating embrace of wireless connectivity, as the SR-975 graciously extends its arms to effortlessly entwine with your assorted devices, heralding an era of audio sans the shackle of cables.
  5. Bass Extravaganza: Submerge yourself in the sonorous depths of resounding bass tones, breathing life into your music, amplifying every beat and rhythm to orchestrate a symphony of auditory splendor.
  6. Elegance Redefined: Immerse yourself in the aesthetics reminiscent of the 90s—the SR-975’s design exudes a superlative elegance that seamlessly integrates into any environment, transcending mere auditory adornment.

Highlights of Operational Maestro:

  1. Bluetooth Ballet: Embark on a dance of connectivity as your device’s pirouette effortlessly into a seamless and wireless audio soiree via the Bluetooth functionality.
  2. USB and TF-Card Sonata: Unleash a melodic cadence by directly transposing your musical reverie from the USB disk or TF card, offering a veritable mélange of playback options.
  3. Line-In Symphony: Forge connects with the pantheon of audio devices through the line-in cable, sculpting a sonic tapestry of enhanced versatility.
  4. Rechargeable Virtuosity: Bestowed with the gift of portability, the built-in rechargeable battery beckons you to carry the symphony wherever your whims may lead.
  5. FM Radio Resonance: Tune into the harmonious frequencies of your preferred radio stations, as the integrated FM radio feature spans a frequency spectrum from 87.5MHz to 108MHz.

Product Almanac:

  • Artifact Nature: Wireless Sonorous Luminary
  • Denomination: SR-975
  • Numerical Quotient: Singular Unit in Precarious Isolation

Mandatory Codicil: Prior to embarking on the immersive sonic voyage orchestrated by the Soroo Melody Wireless Speaker SR-975, observe the obligatory 30-minute charge—a prelude to the auditory opulence awaiting. Stand tall as a patron of indigenous brilliance—embrace the ethos of “Be Indian, Buy Indian.”

Indulge in an auditory reverie that bestrides the realms of sophistication, functionality, and sonic opulence with the Soroo Melody SR-975—a veritable compendium for enthusiasts of the musical realm who demand the zenith of both worlds.

Technical Details

Colors ‎Brown
Model ‎SR-975
Model Name ‎SOROO SR-975
Product Dimensions 16*9.5*21 cm
Item model number SR-975
Compatible Devices ‎Any kind of audio device
Special Features ‎Sd card, TF card, USB, Super bass
Mounting Hardware ‎Speaker 1 unit Charging cable 1 unit User manual 1 unit
Number of items ‎1
Speaker Surround Sound Channel Configuration ‎mono
Speaker amplification type ‎Active
Speaker connectivity ‎Bluetooth, USB, AUX, Micro SD
FM Radio  Frequency (87.5~108MHz)
Power Source ‎Battery Powered
Battery Average Life ‎6 Hours
Charging Time ‎1 Hours
Frequency Response  (87.5~108MHz)
Audio input Bluetooth/TF Card/U Disk
Batteries Included ‎Yes
Batteries Required ‎No
Effective Distance ‎10M
Total USB ports ‎1
Connector Type ‎Bluetooth
Material ‎Woodden 
Mounting Type ‎Table Top
Imported By Soroo The Future Technology
Item Weight ‎850 g


Soroo Melody wireless speaker SR-975

Additional information

Weight 0.850 kg
Dimensions 19 × 9.5 × 21 cm


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