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Soroo amazing wired headphone SR-109

Soroo SR-108 wired headphone with HD microphone

Soroo SR-108 wired headphone with HD microphone


Soroo SR-108 wired headphone with HD microphone


Model Name SR-108
Colour Black, Grey, Red, Blue & Golden
Form Factor In Ear
Connectivity Technology Wired headphone
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Soroo SR-108 wired headphones with HD microphone

Soroo SR-108 : Witness the enigmatic Soroo Extraordinary Wired Headphone SR-108 with its HD Microphone—a sonic leviathan reigning supreme over the linguistic labyrinth, musical maelstroms, gaming odysseys, and cinematic spectacles. This auditory juggernaut bedecked in a sleek countenance and avant-garde functionalities, stands as a harbinger set to redefine your acoustic forays.

Unravel the Inscrutable Precision of Sonic Reverie: Plunge unreservedly into the abyss of sonic rapture, courtesy of the SR-108’s transcendent Hi-Res(Audio) mastery. Roam the convoluted pathways of linguistic subtleties and navigate the symphony of your cherished tunes, where each note unfurls with an unprecedented interplay of clarity and precision, morphing your auditory expedition into a celestial escapade.

A Kaleidoscopic Symphony of Chromatic Opulence: Project your uniqueness through the prism of the Soroo SR-108, an aurora manifesting in five resplendent hues—the cryptic black, the stoic grey, the verdant green, the opulent golden, and the vivacious blue. Plunge into the depths of self-expression, selecting the hue that harmonizes with the very core of your existence, wielding this sartorial adjunct as a testament to your idiosyncratic aesthetic.

Interconnected Universality: Forged with adaptability at its core, the SR-108 flaunts a 3.5mm jack plug—an interface of universal resonance seamlessly intertwining with a vast spectrum of devices. Whether tethered to your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or gaming colossus, the SR-108 orchestrates a symphony of connectivity within your auditory sanctuary.

Lucid Vocal Alchemy: Sustain an unbroken link to reality with the integrated HD microphone—an auditory alchemist transmuting your voice into crystalline clarity during telephonic exchanges or strategic deliberations within the digital battleground. The SR-108 transfigures your vocal rhythm into an indomitable force, ensuring that your resonance reverberates with unparalleled lucidity.

Embark on a Sonic Odyssey in Gaming: Transcend into the gaming apotheosis with an auditory saga hitherto unparalleled. The SR-108’s expansive soundstage and immersive surround sonority breathe vitality into the virtual domain, endowing you with the ability to discern every virtual footfall, gunfire crescendo, or dialogue soliloquy with an unmatched fusion of clarity and profundity.

Cinematic Reverberation: Transform your cinematic soirees into a resplendent reverie. The SR-108, a conduit of auditory opulence, bequeaths upon you a tapestry of immersive soundscapes that transcend the banal, enriching every cinematic tableau with an aura of indelible splendor.

The Soroo Extraordinary Wired Headphone SR-108 with HD Microphone transcends mere artifact status; it’s a symphony sculpted to traverse the diverse tapestries of your acoustic cosmos. Elevate your auditory peregrination with the SR-108 and immerse yourself in the veritable epiphany of sonic sublimity.

Technical Details

Brand ‎SOROO
Manufacturer ‎SOROO INDIA
Model SR-108
Product Dimensions ‎19 x 17.5 x 9 cm; 227 Grams
Item model number ‎SR-108
Hardware Platform ‎Smartphone, Game
Mounting Hardware ‎Cable
Number of items ‎1
Microphone format ‎With microphone
Headphones form factor ‎In Ear
Cable feature HD Microphone 3.5 jack plug
Material ‎Plastic
Earpad Headphone cushion
Form Factor ‎In ear, In Ear
Manufacturer ‎SOROO INDIA
Country of Origin ‎India
Item Weight 227 ‎g

http://Soroo SR-108 wired headphone with HD microphone

Additional information

Weight 0.227 kg
Dimensions 19 × 17.5 × 9 cm

Black, Blue, Grey, Red, Golden


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