Type C-V8 charger SRC-136 dual port 18w charger

Type C-V8 charger SRC-136 dual port 18w charger


Soroo SRC-142 18W dual port charger

Soroo SRC-142 18W dual port charger
Soroo SRC-140 Type C-V8 dual port 18W charger

Soroo SRC-140 Type C-V8 dual port 18W charger


Soroo SRC-140 Type C-V8 dual port 18W charger


Connector Type Type C Type V8
Cable Type USB
Compatible Devices Charging Adapter
Special Feature High Speed
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Soroo SRC-140 Type C-V8 dual port 18W charger

Soroo SRC-140 Type C-V8 Dual Port 18W Charger is a transcendental experience, where duality converges into a harmonious dance of connectivity. This avant-garde charger, an epitome of modern prowess, defies the mundane by indulging in the simultaneous embrace of two devices, seamlessly orchestrated to safeguard your connection velocity without compromising the sanctity of speed.

In the realm of charging transcendence, the SRC-140 unfolds its wings with the prowess of Fast Charging Technology, a magnum opus boasting 18 watts of sheer power. This kinetic force gracefully cascades with a maximum output of 5V3.6A, painting a canvas of alacrity as it breathes life into your devices with a celerity that challenges the very essence of time.

Versatility, the virtuoso of this technological sonnet, is embodied in the SRC-140 with an ensemble cast of data cables — the elegant Type C and the venerable Type V8. This charger, a maestro of compatibility, orchestrates a serenade for a multitude of devices, offering a melodic cadence of flexibility and convenience.

Safety, the silent sentinel, stands guard as the SRC-140 unveils its multi-protection mantle — a fortress against the tempests of overcurrent, overvoltage, and the treacherous snares of short circuits. Your devices, ensconced in this protective aura, bask in the tranquility of secure charging sanctity.

Elevating its cosmic presence, the SRC-140 transcends geographical confines with a Global Compatibility that echoes across the voltage plains of 100-240Vac and 50/60HZ. A universal wanderer, it traverses the world, a nomad in search of charging oases, leaving no realm untouched by its omnipresent vigor.

Efficiency and Reliability, the celestial guardians of the charging cosmos, join hands within the SRC-140. Less ripple becomes the heartbeat, high efficiency the lifeblood, and auto self-recovery the divine intervention, culminating in a charging odyssey that transcends the mortal realm. A symphony of smooth and reliable charging reverberates, an opus composed by the SRC-140, a technological maestro conducting the symphony of energy replenishment.

Technical Details

http://Soroo SRD-140 Type C-V8 dual port 18W charger

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 9 × 3.5 × 12 cm
Charger SRC-140

Type C, Type V8

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