Soroo SRC-140 Type C-V8 dual port 18W charger

Soroo SRC-140 Type C-V8 dual port 18W charger


SRC-143 Soroo dual port charger-Type C-V8-18W

SRC-143 Soroo dual port charger-Type C-V8-18W
Soroo SRC-142 18W dual port charger

Soroo SRC-142 18W dual port charger


Soroo SRC-142 18W dual port charger


Connector Type Type C Type V8
Cable Type USB
Compatible Devices Charging Adapter
Special Feature High Speed
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Soroo SRC-142 18W dual port charger

Soroo SRC-142 18W  Type C-V8 Dual Port Charger – a dynamic powerhouse, seamlessly merging rapidity, security, and adaptability within the confines of an elegantly streamlined structure.

Distinctive Merchandising Edge:

  • Simultaneous Power Symphony: Propel the energy surge to two gadgets concurrently, all while maintaining an unwavering tempo in charging momentum.
  • Velocity Unleashed: Embark on an expedition of instantaneous power augmentation, as the 18W charging prowess transforms waiting into an artifact of the past.
  • Diverse Safeguard Arsenal: Prioritizing your well-being, this charger stands sentinel with a plethora of protective layers, delivering a serene charging encounter.
  • Fortitude Embodied: Forged in the crucible of resilience, this charger stands as a testament to endurance, ensuring an enduring alliance in the realm of power replenishment.
  • Cable Compendium: An all-inclusive package featuring both Type C and Type V8 cables, sculpted to harmonize with the symphony of universal compatibility.

Attributes That Command Attention:

  • Nomadic Power Reservoir: Effortlessly infuse vitality into your devices wherever the winds of your journey take you – whether in the sanctum of your abode, the corporate crucible, or the unexplored terrains of travel.
  • Efficiency Orator: An internal maestro, the high-efficiency IC orchestrates a magnum opus of charging proficiency while meticulously directing the operatic dance of circuits.
  • Versatile Shielding Ensemble: An all-encompassing suite of defenses, erecting a bulwark against the perils of excessive replenishment, thermal agitation, and electrical circumvention.
  • Expeditious Ignition: Propel your devices into action with celerity, as the charger pledges allegiance to the doctrine of rapid empowerment.
  • Succinct Vogue Panache: The epitome of practicality and aesthetics, our charger dons an avant-garde guise, a modern symphony of design sophistication.

Technical Blueprint:

  • Ingress Facet: AC 110-265V, 50-60Hz
  • Egress Signature: DC 5V, 3.6 AMP

Technical Details

http://Soroo SRC-142 18W dual port charger

Additional information

Weight 0.015 kg
Dimensions 8.5 × 3.5 × 12 cm

Type C, Type V8

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