Wings series I-Neck-47 Soroo's wireless neckband

Wings series I-Neck-47 Soroo’s wireless neckband


Black Panther series neckband I-Neck 50

Black Panther series neckband I-Neck 50
Soroo's stunning neckband I-Neck-52

Soroo's stunning neckband I-Neck-52


Soroo’s stunning neckband I-Neck-52


Play time ‎36 Hrs
Bluetooth Version BT 5.0
Sound quality HD sound quality
Earbuds type Megnatic metal earbuds
Material Leather finish neck material
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Soroo’s stunning neckband I-Neck-52

Soroo’s stunning neckband I-Neck 52 : A symphony of groundbreaking innovation seamlessly intertwined with unparalleled convenience. This wireless neckband transcends mere accessory status; it stands as a gateway, beckoning you into a world where your music commands the spotlight, a world of sonic supremacy.

Audiophilic Nirvana, Prolonged Musical Sojourns: Plunge headfirst into an auditory cosmos teeming with the resonant depths of bass and the crystalline heights of highs, all orchestrated by the transcendental bass port that meticulously engineers superior sound quality. Behold the I-NECK 52, a titan offering an astonishing 36 hours of playtime, enabling you to remain submerged in the immersive embrace of your cherished melodies, a sonic voyage uninterrupted.

Liberation from Tethers: Sever the shackles of convention and emancipate your music from the confinements of cords through the artistry of wireless streaming, an act that radiates freedom, whether you find yourself nestled at home, sculpting your physique in the gym, or gallivanting through the dynamic tapestry of life on the move. Experience the unbridled liberation of wireless connectivity, boasting a transmission expanse spanning 10-15 meters.

Crafted for the Unrestrained Pursuer: Fashioned for the stalwart souls who defy the very notion of restraint, the I-NECK 52 emerges as the quintessential comrade for the enthusiasts of sportive endeavors. Its portable visage masterfully choreographs a seamless symphony during your physical exploits, while the in-ear design tenderly cradles auditory pleasure, promising comfort even during the most protracted auditory odysseys.

Lucidity in Vocal Discourse: Let no beat elude your discerning ears, not even during the telephonic parleys of life. The integrated microphone, an artisanal addition, bequeaths a hands-free conversational ballet, ensuring your voice reverberates with resolute clarity. Stay tethered to the world without compromising the sanctity of your auditory sanctuary.

Replenish and Revel: Endowed with an indomitable rechargeable battery, the I-NECK 52 unfurls an epic saga of extended playback, a staggering 36+ hours of auditory ecstasy on the move. Revel in the uninterrupted opulence of musical serenades, and with the expeditious 1-2 hour recharging rite, you remain perennially poised for the next thrilling adventure.

Universally Harmonious Connections: Whether it be the sanctum of your laptop, the hallowed tablet, or the ubiquitous smartphone, the I-NECK 52 seamlessly intertwines its auditory tendrils with your favored devices. The result: a harmonious and versatile auditory ballet, transcending the banalities of technological incongruities.

Caveat Harmonium: Charge for Apex Performance: As a sagacious reminder echoing through the corridors of technological symbiosis, it is counselled to initiate your auditory companion into the realms of optimal performance by subjecting the I-NECK 52 to a 1-2 hour charging ritual before the inaugural auditory pilgrimage. This sacred act ensures the zenith of your wireless auditory symphony.

Elevate your auditory journey into the sublime with the I-NECK 52 Soundwave series Bass Boost – a juncture where the avant-garde meets the substantive, and every resonant note reverberates with an unparalleled clarity that transcends the ordinary.

Technical Details

Brand ‎Soroo
Manufacturer Soroo India
Model I-Neck-52
Model Name I-Neck-52 Soundwave Series
Product Dimensions ‎14 x 2.5 x 20 cm
Hardware Platform ‎Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet
Compatible Devices ‎Bluetooth Devices
Special Features ‎Wireless, Bluetooth 5.2, IPX5 Water Resistant
Number of items ‎1
Microphone format ‎1
Headphones form factor ‎In Ear
Charging Time ‎1 Hours
Batteries Included ‎Yes
Cable feature ‎Without Cable
Connector Type ‎Bluetooth
Maximum Operating Distance ‎10-15 Metres
Form Factor ‎In Ear
Includes Rechargeable Battery ‎Yes
Manufacturer Soroo India
Imported By Soroo India
Item Weight ‎35 g

http://Soroo’s stunning neckband I-Neck-52

Additional information

Weight 0.035 kg
Dimensions 14 × 2.5 × 20 cm


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