Soroo SRC-142 18W dual port charger

Soroo SRC-142 18W dual port charger


Android charger SRC-138 Soroo dual port type C-V8 charger

SRC-143 Soroo dual port charger-Type C-V8-18W

SRC-143 Soroo dual port charger-Type C-V8-18W


SRC-143 Soroo dual port charger-Type C-V8-18W


Connector Type Type C Type V8
Cable Type USB
Compatible Devices Charging Adapter
Special Feature High Speed
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SRC-143 Soroo dual port charger-Type C-V8-18W

SRC-143 Soroo dual port charger-SRC-143SRC-143 18W Type C-V8 – an embodiment of technological brilliance seamlessly interwoven with a touch of sophistication. Harmonizing alacrity, security, and versatility within its sleekly contoured framework, this kinetic juggernaut emerges as the quintessential answer to the simultaneous charging conundrum for multiple devices.

Peculiar Retail Dominance:

Concurrent Energy Sonata: Immerse yourself in the enigma of charging duality, orchestrating a symphony of unyielding swiftness in the ebb and flow of charging kinetics.

Celerity Unshackled: Embark on an odyssey through the realms of instantaneous power ascension, as the 18W charging prowess transcends the temporal boundaries, rendering waiting an antiquated relic.

Myriad Sentinel Arsenal: Pledging allegiance to your well-being, the SRC-143 assumes the role of a vigilant guardian, boasting an array of defensive strata that promise a placid charging sojourn.

Tenacity Personified: Forged in the crucible of unyielding fortitude, this charger stands as a paragon of endurance, ensuring a sustained alliance in the dominion of power revitalization.

Cable Anthology: An inclusive compendium featuring both Type C and Type V8 cables, meticulously crafted to resonate with the symphony of ubiquitous compatibility.

Attributes That Demand Pondering:

Peripatetic Power Reservoir: Effortlessly infuse vitality into your gadgets, irrespective of your journey’s whims – be it the haven of your domicile, the corporate crucible, or the uncharted territories of travel.

Efficiency Virtuoso: An internal maestro, the high-efficiency IC orchestrates a magnum opus of charging prowess while choreographing the operatic ballet of circuits.

Multifaceted Safeguard Array: An all-encompassing suite of defenses, erecting a bulwark against the hazards of superfluous replenishment, thermal perturbation, and electrical subversion.

Expeditious Inauguration: Propel your devices into action with swift dexterity, as the charger swears allegiance to the doctrine of expeditious empowerment.

Concise Vogue Panache: The epitome of pragmatism and aesthetics, our charger adorns a cutting-edge facade, a contemporary sonnet of design sophistication.

Technical Manuscript:

Ingress Facet: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz
Egress Signature: DC 5V, 3.6 AMP

Elevate your charging escapade with the Soroo SRC-143 – a robustly constructed, secure, and swift-charging panacea for the modern individual. Model No.: SRC-143. The dual ports, 18W power, and 3.6A delivery ensure a resourceful power dispensation, while the Type-C and V8 compatibility render it a versatile choice for all your devices. Charge assuredly, charge with Soroo.

Technical Details

http://SRC-143 Soroo dual port charger-Type C-V8-18W

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 9 × 3.5 × 12 cm

Type C, Type V8


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