Lantern landscape solar light in two colors

Lantern landscape solar light in two colors


Lighthouse series solar multicolor table lamp

Lighthouse series solar multicolor table lamp

Sunlamp edition solar LED lantern


Sunlamp edition solar LED lantern


Model Name Lighthouse Lamp
Colour Blue
Battery Source Rechargeable/Solar
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Sunlamp edition solar LED lantern

Unveiling the Solar LED Luminary Extravaganza – an avant-garde, technologically infused masterpiece that seamlessly intertwines the pinnacle of innovation with a design ethos rooted in contemplation. Infuse your surroundings with the harmonious amalgamation of visual allure and utilitarian brilliance, rendering each passing moment indelible.

A Symphony of Chromatic Radiance: Embark on an odyssey through the kaleidoscopic brilliance of the Solar LED Luminary Extravaganza. Immerse yourself in a pantheon of multihued LED splendor, granting you the ability to orchestrate the ambiance for any conceivable occasion. From the warm, embracing tones to the ethereal cool hues, sculpt the atmosphere to mirror your distinctive style.

Potent Energy Resilience: Armed with an unyielding 2000mAh powerhouse, the Solar LED Luminary Extravaganza guarantees an uninterrupted luminous spectacle spanning a robust 4 to 5 hours on a singular charge. Nestled strategically is a USB port, a nexus of connectivity enabling the direct replenishment of your devices, elevating its status to an indispensable comrade for your al fresco escapades or unforeseen exigencies.

Dimmable Luminescence for Myriad Desires: Sculpt the radiance to conform to your exacting specifications with the Solar LED Luminary Extravaganza’s modifiable brilliance facet. The table lamp, a paragon of versatility, boasts a solitary switch with an expansive seven-tier dimming array, suited for ambient luminosity, scholarly perusal, or professional endeavors. The LED beads emanate a limpid, non-flickering luminosity, advocating for optimal ocular well-being for both yourself and your cherished cohorts.

Sculpted Artistry and Unwavering Foundation: Forged from crystalline alabaster, the Solar LED Luminary Extravaganza epitomizes sophistication while seamlessly fusing into the tapestry of any milieu. Its substantial base fortifies stability during deployment or angular adjustments, ushering in an era of secure and secure luminosity. The design, an homage to the principles of refraction, engenders a commodious luminous sphere and an extensive workspace expanse.

Ecologically Mindful Marvel: Embark on an odyssey of efficiency with the Solar LED Luminary Extravaganza. Boasting inconspicuous power consumption and negligible degradation, this luminary espouses an energy-saving manifesto, conserving up to a staggering 90% in comparison to archaic luminous sources. Embrace the enlightenment of eco-conscious radiance without the concession of performance.

Versatile Angular Adaptability: Personalize the luminosity to your whim with the Solar LED Luminary Extravaganza’s variable angular attribute. Whether necessitating pinpoint task radiance or an expansive ambient glow, this luminary bows to your predilections, amplifying your holistic luminous sojourn.

Technical Prowess:

Light Source: Luminescent Diodes Voltage: 5 Volts Direct Current Charging Odyssey: 3-4 Temporal Revolutions Reservoir for Energy: 5-6 Temporal Revolutions (subject to the brilliance quotient of the LED constellation)

Elevate your luminous odyssey with the Solar LED Luminary Extravaganza – a confluence where innovational prowess intertwines with aesthetic opulence, and mindfulness converges with seamless accessibility. Effulgence permeates your existence through the symbiosis of sophistication and practicality, casting a brilliant glow over every fleeting instant.

Technical Details

Colors ‎White, Pink, Sky blue, Cyan
Model Sunlamp Edition
Model Name Sunlamp Edition Lamp
Product Dimensions 22*11*11 CM
Features LED Light
Solar Light
5-6 hrs Battery Backup
2000mAh Battery
Light Source LED Bulb
Input 5V DC
Capacity 3.7V/10000mAh.MAX
Power Source ‎Battery Powered/Solar
Charging Time ‎3-4 Hours
Batteries Included ‎Yes
Material ‎Plastic

http://Sunlamp edition solar LED lantern

Additional information

Weight 0.488 kg
Dimensions 22 × 11 × 11 cm


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