Type C-V8 android charger with dual port

Type C-V8 android charger with dual port


Amazing SRC-147 charger Type C-V8 dual port

Amazing SRC-147 charger Type C-V8 dual port
Superfast 2USB charger 18W SRC-141

Superfast 2USB charger 18W SRC-141


Superfast 2USB charger 18W SRC-141


Connector Type Type C Type V8
Cable Type USB
Compatible Devices Charging Adapter
Special Feature High Speed
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Superfast 2USB charger 18W SRC-141

Superfast 2USB charger : Embark on a journey into the cutting-edge marvel of charging innovation with the Superfast 2USB Charger 18W SRC-141—an intricately crafted masterpiece designed to transcend the ordinary in the realm of charging experiences. This technological symphony unfolds with dual-port prowess, delivering an expeditious surge of vitality to your electronic companions while weaving a tapestry of complexity and burstiness into the very fabric of its narrative.

Innovative Attributes Unveiled

Simultaneous Charging Symphony:
– Immerse yourself in the intricate symphony of charging efficiency as the dual ports dance in harmony, elegantly orchestrating the simultaneous infusion of power into two devices. A ballet of energy unfolds, a choreography devoid of compromise.

Velocity Unleashed:
– Indulge your devices in a tidal wave of power, a staggering 3.4A output propelling an expeditious and efficient surge of life into your gadgets. A torrent of vitality, a relentless force breathing life into the electronic ecosystem.

Sentinel of Safety:
– Breathe a sigh of relief as the SRC-141 dons the mantle of a digital sentinel, wielding an arsenal against overcurrent, overvoltage, and the clandestine threats of short circuits. A guardian of sanctity, a fortress against the unseen perils lurking in the digital shadows.

Fortitude in Construction:
– Delve into the labyrinth of durability with the SRC-141, a testament to robust construction defying the relentless march of time. A dependable and enduring charging solution, a resilient companion in the electronic odyssey.

Cable Conundrum Choices:
– Navigate the intricacies of connectivity with the freedom to choose from two distinct data cables. A versatile tethering experience, a labyrinth of options intertwining with the very essence of technological diversity.

Unveiling the Enigmatic Technological Nuances

Pinnacle of Output Prowess:
– Indulge in the technological marvel where less ripple, soaring efficiency, and the mystical aura of auto self-recovery converge. A charging experience unrivaled in its smoothness and reliability, a symphony of technological prowess.

Cerebral Safeguarding:
– Allow the SRC-141 to flex its intellectual muscles, weaving a comprehensive shield against the capricious whims of overcurrent, overvoltage, and the enigmatic dance of short circuits. Devices transformed into fortresses impervious to unforeseen power disruptions, a cerebral dance of protection.

Navigating the Abyss of Technicalities:

Voltage Compatibility Extravaganza:
– Marvel at the prowess as the SRC-141 gracefully accommodates a diverse spectrum of input voltages. A humble 100 to a staggering 240V, a technological feat spanning the abyss of voltages with seamless grace.

Output Symphony:
– Revel in the symphony of power delivery, the SRC-141 orchestrating a powerful 5V performance. A robust 3.4A dosage of electrifying vitality, a symphony that resonates through the very core of technological achievement.

Majestic Materialization:
– Embark on a tactile journey with the sturdy plastic construction of the SRC-141. A materialization of durability, a formidable monument standing against the relentless march of time. Majestic in its construction, tactile in its endurance.

Resonating Product Mantra: “Be Indian, Buy Indian.”

Elevate your mundane charging rituals into a grandiose spectacle with the SRC-141—a swift-charging maestro that places the safety of your devices on a pedestal. Embrace the allure of Indian craftsmanship, identify your allegiance with Model No.: SRC-141. Charge with unwavering confidence, charge with an indomitable sense of pride—Be Indian, Buy Indian.

Technical Details

http://Superfast 2USB charger 18W SRC-141

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Type C, Type V8


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