18W Dual port charger SRC-139-Type C-V8

18W Dual port charger SRC-139-Type C-V8


Superfast 2USB charger 18W SRC-141

Superfast 2USB charger 18W SRC-141
Type C-V8 android charger with dual port

Type C-V8 android charger with dual port


Type C-V8 android charger with dual port


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Type C-V8 android charger with dual port

Type C-V8 android charger : The realm of technological marvels with the Type C-V8 Android Charger, a masterpiece where the intricate dance of innovation intertwines seamlessly with the threads of connectivity. Witness the avant-garde as this cutting-edge charger, defying the commonplace, orchestrates a ballet of simultaneous dual-device charging — a choreographic spectacle that not only safeguards the tempo of your connection but does so with a finesse that belies the conventional notions of efficiency.

In the grand tapestry of charging evolution, the Type C-V8 unfurls its dominion, wielding the precision of Fast Charging Technology akin to a formidable sorcerer wielding 18 watts of power. Behold the dynamic force surging forth with a maximum output of 5V3.6A, crafting a mosaic of velocity that breathes life into your devices, challenging the very essence of temporal constraints.

Versatility takes center stage in this technological symphony, the Type C-V8 adorned with an array of data cables, the sleek Type C and the venerable Type V8, each note in this symphony a maestro of compatibility. It orchestrates a versatile melody, a harmonious blend of flexibility and convenience, echoing across the technological sonatas for a multitude of devices.

A silent sentinel of safety stands vigilant as the Type C-V8 unveils its multi-protection mantle — a fortress against the tempests of overcurrent, overvoltage, and the treacherous pitfalls of short circuits. Your devices, cradled within this protective aura, revel in the peace of a secure charging sanctuary, guarded by the technological guardians of safety.

Elevating its cosmic presence, the Type C-V8 transcends the mundane, echoing its compatibility across the voltage plains of 100-240Vac and 50/60HZ. A universal explorer, it traverses the globe, a wanderer seeking charging oases, leaving no realm untouched by its omnipresent vigor, breaking the shackles of geographic constraints.

Efficiency and Reliability, the celestial guardians of the charging cosmos, unite within the Type C-V8. Less ripple becomes the very heartbeat, high efficiency the lifeblood, and auto self-recovery the divine intervention, culminating in a charging odyssey that transcends the mortal limits. A symphony of smooth and reliable charging resonates, an opus composed by the Type C-V8, a technological maestro conducting the symphony of energy replenishment, defying the conventional boundaries with a burst of perplexing brilliance.

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http://Type C-V8 android charger with dual port

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Type C, Type V8


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