Amazing SRC-147 charger Type C-V8 dual port

Amazing SRC-147 charger Type C-V8 dual port


Soroo SRC-140 Type C-V8 dual port 18W charger

Soroo SRC-140 Type C-V8 dual port 18W charger
Type C-V8 charger SRC-136 dual port 18w charger

Type C-V8 charger SRC-136 dual port 18w charger


Type C-V8 charger SRC-136 dual port 18w charger


Connector Type Type C Type V8
Cable Type USB
Compatible Devices Charging Adapter
Special Feature High Speed
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Type C-V8 charger SRC-136 dual port 18w charger

Introducing the Type C-V8 Charger SRC-136: behold the SRC-136, an intricately designed marvel poised to metamorphose your charging escapades into a transcendental experience. Witness the dual-port symphony, an opulent spectacle where charging finesse melds seamlessly with protective resilience. This isn’t just a charging ally; it’s a technological sonnet for your electronic companions.

Embark upon the enigmatic Charging Symphony, where dual ports, akin to virtuoso musicians, intricately compose a simultaneous power ballet. Marvel at the symphonic dance, each beat resonating with an unwavering infusion of energy into two devices, creating a harmonious cacophony of vitality.

Plunge into the torrential Velocity Unleashed, a deluge of power cascading forth at a staggering 3.4A output. This isn’t mere charging; it’s a surge of life-breathing energy, a testament to the SRC-136’s commitment to swift and effective charging, an orchestration of power in its most potent form.

Wrap yourself in the protective cloak of the Sentinel of Safety, as the SRC-136 metamorphoses into a digital guardian, warding off overcurrent, overvoltage, and the clandestine dance of short circuits. Your devices, under the vigilant gaze of this digital custodian, luxuriate in the sanctity of protection.

Plunge into the bastion of Fortitude in Construction, where the SRC-136 stands as an indomitable fortress against the relentless march of time. Its robust construction murmurs promises of endurance, providing not just a dependable but an enduring charging solution.

Navigate the labyrinth of Cable Conundrum Choices with the liberty to select from two distinct data cables. This isn’t merely about charging; it’s an odyssey through connectivity options that intricately add layers to your charging ritual, a journey through the tangled web of possibilities.

Reveal the Enigmatic Technological Nuances, where the SRC-136 ascends to the Pinnacle of Output Prowess. Immerse yourself in a technological marvel where minimal ripple, soaring efficiency, and the mystical aura of auto self-recovery converge to choreograph a charging experience unparalleled in its fluidity and reliability.

Witness the SRC-136 flex its Cerebral Safeguarding muscles, offering a comprehensive shield against the capricious whims of overcurrent, overvoltage, and the enigmatic dance of short circuits. Elevate your devices into fortresses impervious to unforeseen power disruptions.

Navigate the Abyss of Technicalities as the SRC-136 gracefully accommodates a kaleidoscope of input voltages, ranging from a humble 100 to a staggering 240V. Revel in the symphony of power delivery, where the SRC-136 orchestrates a potent 5V performance, generously endowing your devices with a robust 3.4A dosage of electrifying vitality.

Embark on a tactile journey with the Majestic Materialization, where the robust plastic construction of the SRC-136 stands as an impervious monument against the relentless march of time. This isn’t just a charger; it’s a tangible testament to durability, an embodiment of strength in the face of temporal challenges.

Resonate with the Product Mantra: “Be Indian, Buy Indian.” Transcend your mundane charging rituals into a grandiose spectacle with the SRC-136 – an unwavering, swift-charging maestro that elevates the safety of your devices onto a pedestal. Embrace the allure of Indian craftsmanship. Identify your allegiance with Model No.: SRC-136. Charge with unwavering confidence, charge with an indomitable sense of pride – Be Indian, Buy Indian.

Technical Details

http://Type C-V8 charger SRC-136 dual port 18w charger

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 8 × 3.5 × 12 cm

Type C, Type V8


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