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Yo-J2 Yoroto portable party speaker


Yo-J2 Yoroto portable party speaker


Model Name YO-J-2
Colour Black,Blue,Red
Play Time 5-6 Hrs.
Connectivity Technology Wireless
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Yo-J2 Yoroto portable party speaker

Yo-J2 Yoroto Introducing the marvelously crafted Yo-J2 Yoroto Portable Party Speaker – an auditory escapade that catapults your sensory experience into realms of sheer electrifying ecstasy! This audio maestro is not just a speaker; it’s your very own sonic sorcerer, ready to transport the party atmosphere wherever your whims may lead! Immerse yourself in a symphony of cutting-edge features that etch unforgettable memories into the tapestry of your gatherings.

Technical Marvels Unveiled:

  • Mesmerizing Connectivity Radius: Bask in the seamless embrace of audio connectivity, spanning an impressive 10-meter radius, ensuring your musical symphony is always poised at your fingertips, a mere heartbeat away.
  • Pulsating Power Dynamics: Unleash the sonic force with an awe-inducing output power of 15W+15W, a grand total of 30W, turning any mundane space into a pulsating dance haven that echoes with rhythm and beats.
  • Powering Elegance: Infused with the life force of DC V5, this speaker is geared up for action, ready to embark on a musical odyssey with a charging prowess that’s as swift as it is convenient.
  • Sonorous Frequency Voyage: Embark on a sonic journey spanning from 302Hz to 435KHz, a vast soundscape that envelops your auditory senses in a kaleidoscope of musical brilliance.
  • Crystal-Clear Harmonic Artistry: Revel in the auditory purity, boasting a Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) scaling ≥270db and a mere 1% distortion, ensuring that each beat and note dances forth with pristine clarity.
  • Rapid Power Infusion: Witness the magic of minimal downtime with a lightning-fast maximum battery charging time of 5 hours, bestowing upon you more moments to lose yourself in the symphony.

Connectivity Unleashed:

  • Sonic Tapestry Unraveled: Connect effortlessly through a tapestry of audio avenues – Bluetooth, TF card, or U disk, granting you a smorgasbord of options for your musical muse.
  • Harmony in Your Hands: Navigate your musical universe with the deft touch of simple press key adjustments, orchestrating your auditory experience with an effortless finesse.

Features That Distinguish:

  • Universal Harmony: Forge connections with computers via USB or the 3.5mm socket, establishing compatibility with an array of devices such as computers, audio-output-equipped TVs, and computer system soundcards.
  • Plug-and-Play Symphony: Dive into a world of hassle-free connectivity, with hot-plug capability rendering software drivers redundant, an ode to the simplicity of seamless connection.
  • Nomadic Entertainment Companion: Crafted for the vagabond in you, this speaker is the epitome of spontaneity, an ideal accomplice for impromptu soirées and outdoor escapades.

Unmatched Sonic Odyssey:

  • Bass Resonance Beyond Borders: Feel the reverberations of dynamic deep bass, infusing your musical journey with layers of heart-pounding richness.
  • Melodic Liberation: Set your inner performer free with the wireless microphone, an instrumental companion for impromptu karaoke sessions or addressing your party audience.
  • Luminous Command Center: Take the reins with the vibrant LED display, a portal into real-time settings and track details, keeping you in the driver’s seat of your auditory adventure.
  • Dazzling Light Choreography: Elevate the ambiance with pulsating DJ lights, engaged in a visual dance that mirrors the beat, creating a mesmerizing symphony of light and sound.
  • Sonic Symbiosis: Elevate your auditory senses with True Wireless Stereo functionality, a technological ballet that transforms stereo sound into an immersive, soul-stirring experience.
  • Built-in Symphony: Revel in the luxury of built-in USB, Bluetooth connection, FM radio, and MSD card support, offering a myriad of avenues for your auditory pleasure.
  • Power Reservoir: Revel in the duality of power, with the versatility of both AC and DC charging options, ensuring the eternal flow of music.

Versatility Unleashed: Compatible with the digital denizens of computers, mobile phones, MP3 players, and an array of multimedia audio players, the Yo-J2 Yoroto Portable Party Speaker stands as the sonic beacon for those who seek to elevate their musical journey and celebrations to unprecedented heights. Elevate your party experience with the zenith of portable audio entertainment.

Technical Details

Colors ‎Black,Blue,Red
Model ‎Yoroto
Model Name ‎Yoroto-J-2
Product Dimensions 40*17.5*17 cm
Item model number YO-J-2
Compatible Devices ‎Mobile
Special Features ‎SD card
Mounting Hardware ‎Speaker 1 unit Charging cable 1 unit User manual 1 unit
Number of items ‎1
Speaker Surround Sound Channel Configuration ‎Mono
Speakers Maximum Output Power 30W
Speaker amplification type ‎Active
Speaker connectivity ‎Bluetooth, USB, AUX, Micro SD
Output Power 15W+15W=30W
Woofer ‎4” double speaker
Lights RGB LED
Battery Average Life ‎6 Hours
Charging Time 2 Hours
Playing Time ‎4~5H
Charging Voltage DC 5V
Frequency Response  302Hz-435KHz
Signal-to-noise ratio of SNR ≥270db
Audio input Bluetooth/TF Card/U Disk
Batteries Included ‎Yes
Batteries Required ‎No
Effective Distance ‎10M
Total USB ports ‎1
Connector Type ‎Bluetooth
Material ‎Plastic
Mounting Type ‎Table Top
Imported By SoRoo The Future Technology
Item Weight ‎1725g

http://Yo-J2 Yoroto portable party speaker

Additional information

Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 40 × 17.5 × 17 cm



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