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Tower speaker120Watt Soundcore sound bomber

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Yoroto-412 portable wireless speaker

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Yoroto-412 portable wireless speaker
Yoroto portable party speaker J-7

Yoroto portable party speaker J-7

Original price was: ₹2,789.00.Current price is: ₹1,700.00.

Yoroto portable party speaker J-7

Original price was: ₹2,789.00.Current price is: ₹1,700.00.

Model Name YO-J-7
Colour Black
Play Time 10 Hrs.
Connectivity Technology Wireless
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Yoroto portable party speaker J-7

portable party speaker: Introducing the avant-garde marvel, the Yoroto Portable Party Speaker J-7 – your unrivaled companion for indulging in on-the-go entertainment escapades! Imbued with an array of cutting-edge features and a sonic prowess that defies convention, this speaker stands as a beacon of auditory bliss, ready to transcend your music encounters to unprecedented heights, irrespective of your locale.

Technical Enigmas:

  • Efficient Spatial Range: Revel in a seamless connectivity expanse spanning up to a mystifying 10 meters, emancipating you from the shackles of device proximity as you saunter and sashay to the rhythm of your chosen beats.
  • Pinnacle Sonic Might: An unyielding 30W (15W+15W) robustly ushers your musical tapestry into the realm of crystalline clarity and resounding profundity, rendering every beat a pulsating force of audible life.
  • Voltage of Energizing Charge: Infused with a DC5V charging voltage, the J-7 harmonizes with a plethora of power conduits, ensuring a harmonious confluence of convenience and perpetual charge on the fly.
  • Frequency Euphony: Immerse yourself in a vast tonal spectrum stretching from the dulcet 302Hz to the stratospheric 435KHz, ensuring an auditory odyssey where each melodic nuance is unveiled with pristine precision.
  • Signal-to-Noise Symphony (SNR): A minimum SNR of ≥270dB orchestrates a symphony of pristine audio resonance, warding off the discordant interference that could mar your auditory communion.
  • Distortion Dystopia: Through low distortion alchemy, your musical realm remains unadulterated, faithfully preserving its original essence, thereby endowing you with an immersive auditory sojourn.
  • Optimal Charge Expedition: Bestow a swift 5-hour charge upon your J-7 to unleash prolonged auditory indulgence.

Acoustic Gateway Options:

  • Seamless rendezvous through Bluetooth, TF Card, or the enigmatic U disk, endowing you with a cornucopia of sonic conduits for the harmonious procession of your favored symphonies.
  • Harmonize effortlessly with computer USB or the 3.5mm oracles, extending compatibility tendrils to embrace audio emanations from both computational citadels and television tapestries.

Product Characteristics Unveiled:

  • Nomadic Sonic Prowess: Emanate your revelry wherever your footsteps tread, as the portable design metamorphoses you into a sonic nomad, ever-prepared to amplify your sonic surroundings.
  • Bluetooth Ephemeral Unification: Effortlessly conjoin your devices for a wireless sonorous expedition through the auditory ether.
  • Melodic Prowess Resonance: Revel in the melodious verve of your favored compositions in a sublime fidelity, embracing a diversity of audio formats, including the esteemed MP3, the whimsical WMA, and the transcendent WAV.
  • Storage Concordance: Shrine your auditory treasures on TF Cards or U Disks, fostering facile access to the entire orchestral lexicon encapsulated within your musical domain.
  • Lithium Reservoir Ascendancy: Nestled within is a twin-core 1800mAh+1800mAh lithium matrix, a testament to enduring playback, serenading your events with a prolonged sonic heartbeat.
  • Supernova PMPO 3600 Watt Eclat: Immerse yourself in the resonant dynamism of a staggering 3600 watts (PMPO), as your auditory testament reverberates to the very core.
  • TWS Aegis: Forge a wireless sonic pact by entwining two J-7 sentinels, birthing an immersive stereo saga that transcends the mundane.
  • Luminary Spectacle: Infuse a kaleidoscopic ambience with the embedded DJ lights, crafting a visually dynamic tapestry for your jubilation.
  • Dual Voltage Virtuosity: Bask in the convenience of AC/DC birthing, bestowing a charge cloak upon your auditory muse, drawing vitality from both conventional and dynamic power conduits.
  • Inherent Symphony Nexus: USB port, Bluetooth umbilical, FM radio waves, the esoteric MSD card sanctum, and the resonant profundity of dynamic bass, complemented by a mellifluous microphone, coalesce into a harmonious entertainment opus.
  • Lucid Information Beacon: Stay enlightened with the synoptic LED display, unraveling key insights at a cursory glance.

Expansive Utilitarian Nexus:

  • Tailored for computational deities, mobile sonic acolytes, MP3 sages, and other multimedia sonic oracles.

Elevate your sensory carnival with the Yoroto Portable Party Speaker J-7 – where the crescendo of powerful audio intertwines with the symphony of ultimate portability, orchestrating an auditory extravaganza that transcends the ordinary.

Technical Details

Colors ‎Black
Model ‎Yoroto
Model Name ‎Yoroto-J-7
Product Dimensions 47*21*20 cm
Item model number YO-J-7
Compatible Devices ‎Mobile
Special Features ‎SD card
Mounting Hardware ‎Speaker 1 unit Charging cable 1 unit User manual 1 unit
Number of items ‎1
Speaker Surround Sound Channel Configuration ‎mono
Speakers Maximum Output Power ‎15W+15W=30W
Speaker amplification type ‎Active
Speaker connectivity ‎Bluetooth, USB, AUX, Micro SD
Wattage ‎30 Watts
Power Source ‎Battery Powered
Battery Average Life ‎10 Hours
Charging Time ‎5 Hours
Charging Voltage DC V5
Frequency Response  302Hz-435KHz
Signal-to-noise ratio of SNR ≥270dB
Audio input Bluetooth/TF Card/U Disk
Batteries Included ‎Yes
Batteries Required ‎No
Effective Distance ‎10M
Total USB ports ‎1
Connector Type ‎Bluetooth
Material ‎plastic
Mounting Type ‎Table Top
Imported By Soroo The Future Technology
Item Weight ‎2137 g


Additional information

Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 47 × 21 × 20 cm


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